Sam Santiago working with 3 Angels Broadcasting Network

Sam at Soundboard 3ABN
Sam at Soundboard at 3ABN

This past April Sam Santiago along with his parents and Rivenmaster traveled to 3 Angels Broadcasting Network in West Frankfort, IL to work with Danny Shelton (founder of 3ABN and producer), Brenda Walsh (host and producer of 3ABN’s Kids), and Yvonne Lewis (General Manager of Dare to Dream Network) on a Danny Shelton project CD.

Sam will be featured on this new CD which will be a compilation of original songs written and produced exclusively for 3ABN and will soon be available through their network. Also featured along with Sam is Samara Bowden who was also featured in the past in earlier projects. You can find a listing of their previous projects on their website!

Samara Bowden, Danny Shelton,Sam Santiago, & Brenda Walsh
Samara Bowden, Danny Shelton,Sam Santiago, & Brenda Walsh

Sam would like to thank 3ABN and it’s entire staff for this amazing opportunity to share his gift of song on this wonderful project.  Special thanks also to Bobby Bradley (Recording Engineer) who showed amazing skill and patience during this marathon recording session.

In addition to this project Sam was also invited to return in June to work directly with Brenda Walsh in a full day’s television recording session where Sam will be recording more than a dozen songs for the Kids Time Network.

Sam Santiago with Brenda Walsh
Sam Santiago with Brenda Walsh of 3ABN Kids Time

Naturally as soon as the new CD is available we will let everyone know!  Also as the production nears completion you can look for a full feature article about Sam’s Experience published to Rivenmaster’s Place.

Until then please continue to support Sam by purchasing his first original CD on this site and visit 3ABN’s Kid’s Store to see all the wonderful items they offer.

Watch for another update about Sam’s June experience with the Kid’s Time production team!

Sam Santiago working with Danny Shelton & Bobby Bradley
Sam Santiago working with Danny Shelton & Bobby Bradley